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Monday, June 27, 2016

Haunted places in Venice

Given Venice’s eventful past, no wonder it has so many places that, according to local legends, are haunted. Unleash your inner ghost buster and head to see them for yourself. Even if you are not lucky enough to meet any phantom in person, you will learn fascinating stories and see some stunning examples of Venetian architecture.

Cà Dario

One of the most famous haunted palaces in the city, the 15th century Cà Dario palace overlooking the Grand Canal has a Latin phrase written on one of the external walls which anagram reads as “Whoever lives under this roof, will find ruin” (“SUB RUINA INSIDIOSA GENERO”). The prediction turned out to be true for nine of palace’s owners who have died in strange circumstances or committed suicide between 1764 and 1993. Several others, who didn’t not die went bankrupt. Many locals believe that the spirits of the palace’s previous owners inhabit it and avoid it at any cost. 

Cà Dario
Casin degli spiriti

The name of this building means “the house of souls” in Italian for a reason. Some legends say that over many centuries various sects came to the house to get in contact with evil spirits and demons. 
Apparently, a ghost of Luzzo, a 16th century painter who killed himself because of unrequited love for Cecilia, his friend’s lover. The phantom wonders through the palace looking for his beloved and calling her name. Venetian fishermen do their best to avoid sailing past this isolated cursed house.

Palazzo Grassi 
Palazzo Grassi 

The grand 18th-century palace is home to a stunning private art collection and… a ghost of a young woman, who according to local legends was thrown from one of the building’s balcony and died in the courtyard. The museum’s guardians say that they hear a female voice calling them during night shifts. No one has seen or heard the apparition during the day when the gallery is open, so you might have to get a job in the Palazzo Grassi if you want to meet the spirit in person.

Photos by: Wikimedia Commons, Eric Salard/Flickr.