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Sunday, March 27, 2016

A day in Treviso

Located only 12 miles from Venice, Treviso is overshadowed by its famous neighbour and often overlooked by foreign visitors. This lesser-known gem has a lot to offer: Venetian-style aristocratic palaces, Renaissance squares, romantic canals and no crowds, tacky souvenirs or overpriced restaurants. 

Distinctively Venetian in character, Treviso was under La Serenissima’s rule for a long time. The city walls were constructed during the Venetian Republic and today they add a unique charm to Treviso’s atmosphere. Venetians took advantage of the city’s position circled by two rivers, the Sile and the Cagnan, and used the waterways to navigate, transport merchandise and power flourmills. In one of the oldest parts of Treviso, you will find one of the most atmospheric landmarks, a bustling fish market that has been here for centuries. 

Piazza dei Signori
In the city centre, the beautiful seven-domed Cathedral of San Pietro, Il Duomo, is home to the Annunciation by Titian and a few other stunning masterpieces. Ancient elegant palaces surround the picturesque Piazza dei Signori: the 12th-century Palazzo dei Trecento, once the seat of Treviso's government, 15th-century Palazzo del Podestà, Renaissance Palazzo Pretorio. Stroll along the city's main street Via Calmaggiore to admire Renaissance palaces with their splendid facades and arched doorways.

Make sure to check out the Santa Caterina Museum that houses a beautiful 14th-century fresco cycle of the life of St Ursula by Tomaso da Modena, a follower of Giotto. After a dose of culture, take a break walking along Treviso’s charming canals with weeping willows and pretty parks.

Palazzo del Podestà
Treviso is home to the clothing empire Benetton and you will find its flagship store in a prominent position behind the Palazzo dei Trecento in the town centre. There are many upmarket boutiques where you can indulge yourself in retail therapy without breaking the bank.

To sample local cuisine head to the old trattoria Toni del Spin that serves excellent pasta with a duck sauce, mushroom risotto and game dishes. For delicious fresh seafood dishes try Mardivino.

Photos via Flickr by: Antonio Cinotti, Régine Debatty, Lizandro Chrestenzen.

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